AgentSee is a one window web and mobile friendly portal & for people to connect with best-in-class insurance agents in their local communities, while also facilitating connection amongst the consumers for the provision of higher quality service and education in the insurance industry.

About Agent See


We at AgentSee have a vision to become the largest repository of and epicentre of Life and Health Insurance Agents in the World. AgentSee strives to promote a free market exchange of Life and Health options for individuals from every segment of society in search of the best-in-class experts that will pave their way to make the most valuable decisions for their specific healthcare needs.

Why Does AgentSee Exist?

A survey published by the Harvard Medicine School Health provides a descriptive comparison of the decision-making processes and shopping experiences of consumers in two states who purchased a health insurance plan from the same large insurer in 2017, either through the Marketplace or off Marketplace. Insurance marketplaces were established by the Affordable Care Act of 2010. However, these marketplaces refer to ones that are federal and state-based while millions also purchase plans directly from an insurance carrier (off Marketplace). This study posits that respondents who purchased life or health insurance off Marketplace and those with low health insurance literacy reported poor experiences when enrolling for these plans.

It is necessary to bear in mind that consumers who shop for a successful life or health insurance face a complex decision with potentially large financial and health ramifications.

AgentSee seeks to be the guide that lights for you the way to choosing health insurance by providing you High quality insurance agents that are experts in their field. Through our platform, we seek to increase the access of the general populace to high quality agents for various health/life needs. By being a conduit for the successful integration of humans and technology, we seek to increase insurance literacy among consumers so that whatever decision they make it will always be to their benefit.

How does AgentSee work for Customers?

  1. Users input within the Search a tab their Service Need and Zipcode
  2. The screen will populate Agent listings based on your location
  3. Additional Filters can be applied for more specific options (Ratings, Years of Service, Appointment, etc.)
  4. An account would have to be created to unlock access to Agents on the site and for direct messaging within the portal chat. The portal also enables the user to rate and review their interaction with an insurance agent.
  5. They can directly message the agent a question or schedule an appointment for follow up and the agent replies from the portal with their full contact details.

How does AgentSee work for the Insurance Agent?

  1. Agent User signs up Free to become listed publicly
  2. Agent Users can increase visibility and search categories by subscribing to our Premium Membership packages.
  3. Agent Users have the option to form a collaboration or network by browsing agents in the local area and form a network or series of networks to provide better assistance to customers.

AgentSee is a web and mobile site for individuals and families to connect with quality insurance agents in their local communities.

AgentSee is a web portal for Life & Health Insurance agents to connect with individuals, families, and each other to provide higher quality service and education in the insurance industry.

The mission is to establish a free market exchange of Life and Health options for businesses, individuals, and families looking for professionals with expertise in those areas to assist them in making the most educated choices for their specific needs.

Why AgentSee?

Statistics tell us the following:

  • 49% of Americans receive health insurance through an employer sponsored plan ( Kaiser Family Foundation,2020) This means 51% do not, and even for those that do they only 17% have any options beyond what’s given
  • When it comes to choosing health insurance most people would prefer some guidance and assistance
  • High quality agents aren’t readily accessible beyond the work environment
  • Increase interest in the insurance profession
  • Increase access to high quality agents for consumers with various health/life needs